Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wacky Weekend

What a weekend. As you might have gathered from many of my previous posts over the years, I prefer my weekends to have a lot of rest and relaxation. Or, in other words, naps and TV.

This weekend has been crazy! But it makes me realize that all rest and relaxation really does for me is make me feel crappy and depressed. I was so busy the past few days, and as the weekend comes to a close I feel refreshed and excited.

Saturday I had lots of errands to do my friend Emily's shower, which was being hosted at my house. really, errands meant running to Kinko's for color copies of celebrity babies (more on that in a moment) and deep cleaning my house. I did not get around to pulling weeds and dusting the blinds but the house was pretty clean anyway. In the middle of that I was "forced" to meet with 3/5 of my book club (Samantha out sick and Charly....well, she lives far away now!) and we ended up spending several hours at my new favorite Starbucks. I would tell you where this new, quiet, not-busy Starbucks is but I'm afraid you will all start going there and make it not quiet and very busy. But let's just say it's near Cheeseburger in Paradise (great Mojitos, by the way!).

ANYWAY....we met there for a while where they helped me assemble lists of parents to the celebrity babies. And after all that, I had to watch OU kick A&M around the field (while trying not to be jealous of my husband who was there in person while I was cleaning our house). So, as you can see...quite a busy day.

And, in addition to NaBloPoMo November is also "Young Marrieds Children's Bible Hour" month. Which means I'm co-in charge of putting Children's Bible Hour together for the month of March. Doesn't sound like a big deal, right? It's actually a lot of work! I finished my Saturday night putting the final touch on details for today's session.

Sunday we had Bible Hour, but it was also Donut Duty...which means John and I had to get up about 15 minutes before we usually get up (making us only 30 minutes late instead of 45) and pick up donuts for class. And it also meant John couldn't skip out on church because he was tired from the game. Then it was a lot of rushing around to get ready for Bible Hour, then scarfing down a sandwich to get home in time to decorate and assemble food before 25 people showed up for Emily's shower! is all done and I only have evening Bible Hour and maybe a trip to Starbucks to go.

Ok, I know it wasn't the most exciting post....however you should realize you're getting 30 days in a row of blogging so not everything is going to be fun and interesting. Maybe I'll come up with something fun for tomorrow!

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Emily said...

I totally noticed the weeds and lack of dusted mini blinds - uh kidding. But you can bet I will NEVER forget Barron Trump's name again...