Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today is a random day. There is a lot on my mind, but here are the most random thoughts...

My car has now been recalled TWICE. Maybe that means another free 100,000 mile warranty. I might be the luckiest car owner in the world.

I really wish I had Hannah Montana tickets for this weekend at the Ford Center, just so I could say I had tickets to the Hannah Montana concert. And then make some little girl cry with joy after I generously sold them to her desperate mom for $350 each.

Did anyone watch Grey's last Thursday? YES....I'm still talking about it because YES I'm still traumatized by the last scene. I literally had nightmares and I can't stop thinking about it. Finally Grey's gets good again!

Don't tell Aubrey, but she's brilliant. Getting me to agree to teach Bible class on Wednesday nights with her is the only thing that will get me there. And last night was my first night and I loved it. 3-year-olds are the best age to teach.

Guess what I will be receiving in 5-7 business days? Only the greatest television series in the history of television, "My So-Called Life". Now the complete series is on DVD and I am going to buy it for myself for Christmas. The 19 episodes of this gone-too-soon series spoke to me as a young teenager on the cusp of high school. And Jordan Catalano will always be my first love. After Zack Morris, of course.

John asked me what I want for Christmas, and I can't think of any really great ideas. I asked for clothes, a digital camera, noise-canceling headphones, tennis shoes, and iTunes gift cards. But that was my list for family...I can't think of what I want from John! Any ideas??


Elizabeth said...

How about you ask John for a vacation for him to go to my house. Then I'll ask for a vacation to stay at your house. We'll put the boys at mine because your's is always cleaner.

Emily said...

Jewelry is the gift to give 'cuz it's the gift that'll live and live.

I don't know what I'm talking about though...Colin got me a new DVD player for Christmas.

Cary said...

Confession: I was in love with Claire Danes as a high school freshman because of My So-Called Life.

Julia said...

Ahem! You failed to mention that you will be getting My So-Called Life for $30 cheaper than the list price! AND you forgot to mention who is making that possible...

You're welcome! ;)