Sunday, July 29, 2007


Since Pam wrote about fall TV, I decided to list the shows I'm looking forward to. Like Pam, I'm sooooo ready for new shows to be on! What will I be watching this fall?

Without a Trace
Desperate Housewives (though I wouldn't cry if it went away)
Brothers and Sisters
CSI: Miami
Law and Order SVU
Notes from the Underbelly (is that coming back?)
Grey's Anatomy
My Name is Earl
Law and Order

This past year I lost my second all-time favorite show "Gilmore Girls". My number one all-time favorite is still "Friends".

There are a few shows that just started that I'm totally into:
Mad Men on AMC
Damages on FX (WOW....totally intense)

I've been watching "Traveler" and "Studio 60" this summer. But "Studio 60" was cancelled, and "Traveler" is on hiatus (we'll see if it comes back). And, of course, I miss "World Series of Pop Culture".

There are a couple of new shows this fell I'm looking forward to. One is called "Pushing Daisies". It's about a guy who has the ability to bring people back to life. So he goes to murder victims, brings them back to life and asks them "whodunnit", makes them dead again, then collects the reward for information! Sounds pretty interesting. And, I guess I'll give "Private Practice" a shot, since it is a Grey's spinoff...

I gotta tell you....the ABC new series lineup looks pretty awesome. There are several others I want to check out.

Finally, in other TV news "The Nine" FINALLY comes back this Wednesday! It's cancelled, but they are going to play the final episodes so maybe some of us can finally know what happened.

Am I pathetic yet?

Editor's Note: How could I forget "House"??? It's one of the ONLY shows John and I watch together. Also, my favorite show of the summer is "Big Love". Thanks for reminding me, Brooke!

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