Sunday, July 15, 2007

Random Thoughts (it's been a while)

Rochester was great...beautiful, cold, green, very friendly. Had dinner one night on the Erie Canal, the next night on Lake Ontario. They love their lakes. was successful and we will now have a New York office! So great trip.

Did you know the average home price in Rochester is about $84,000? WHAT?! That's less than Oklahoma! Crazy...

I know you're all wondering how my flights went. Well, I'm happy to say I only had ONE delayed flight (Dallas to OKC on the way home) and it was only delayed 20 minutes. Fantastic, right? Looks like the curse is broken.

Well, I was about halfway through my book when I boarded the plane. I was lost in the story when I realized--I was almost done with the book. And it surely had been longer than the 40 minutes the flight usually takes. I look at my watch and realize we should have landed about 45 minutes earlier.

Yep....while we departed pretty much on time, we were rerouted due to weather--through MISSISSIPPI!!! We flew from Dallas to MS to Kansas and back down to OKC. So, the 40-minute flight took 2 hours and 15 minutes. Can you believe it?!

Oh luggage made it and it was still daylight so I was fine.

Saw "Harry Potter" last night at the theatre. Guess I need to start reading the book series! The movie was pretty great, but I'd hesitate to bring little kids. They keep getting darker and darker...a little scary, even.

Bob Mills finally brought our THIRD table top yesterday. The last two have been horribly scratched and we've asked for a replacement. Because if we're going to put the money down for a new table and 8 new chairs, then I want to be the one to make the scratches on the table!

Well, the third one came in....scratched. So, the delivery guy spent a little while with a staining pen and polish and made the scratches on the second table much we're just going to ask for a portion of our money back in a refund and call it a day. Three tables....sounds like it's not meant to be!

Anyone know where Christmas trees would be on sale right now? The fake kind, obviously not the real kind. We tried to go to North Pole City yesterday and it's not open yet....we threw out our old one, and we're looking for one to fit in the new house! It's a little early....but we get into the season...

Another new blogger on-board! Check out my friend, Pam's blog. Maybe she'll be better about updating (ahem, Brooke and Liz...and, well, most of you on my links list!). Anyway....check her out sometime!

Well, I guess I better get back to work. I've got a lot of projects to finish before a meeting tomorrow, and I'm only putting things off! Have a great week!


Julia said...

Knock on wood about that broken curse...

You should read Harry Potter! Look at it this way, the last book comes out on Saturday, so you'll never have to endure the agonizing wait between books like I have. And they really are great. I bet you'd like them. Like you said - they get darker. Obviously JK has let her story mature with her audience. They're not exactly children's books anymore. You should give them a shot!

Gabe said...

Hey Jessica! Remember me (and Stacey)? Just linked to your blog from Pam's. Speaking of upstate NY, you knew Stacey and I lived there for a while, right? We just moved from there about a year ago and your right...our house was very cheap. Alas, now we live in Las Vegas and our house is very expensive. Stupid houses! Check out my blog!