Wednesday, August 01, 2007


One of the things I hate the most about business travel is that often I fly in, head to the hotel, sit in meetings in the hotel, and fly back out. There's never any time to explore the cities I go to, and rarely anyone that would go with me anyway.

Tonight my boss and I headed to downtown Chicago to meet an acquaintance and have dinner in the Windy City. Sounds like fun, right? I was hopeful. But, we're staying at the O'Hare Hyatt, which is about 45-minute ride on the L (train) on a good night. For us it took over an hour to get there, and an hour and 15 minutes to get home. But, it was good to see an old friend and eat sweet potato fries so I guess it wasn't a total bust. But makes for a long night. Not to mention some of the crazies on the train. And, as we were getting off the L and heading back to the hotel, I ran into my OLD boss, the guy who hired me! So it was fun catching up.

Anyway, my trip to Chicago has been great so far, though a little overwhelming. There's about a thousand people I know and every time I turn around I'm schmoozing with someone else I've met twice and haven't seen in 3 years or something. I guess it's good that I have so many people to talk to, there will likely be no uncomfortable moments.

Tomorrow is a day of meetings from 8:30 until around 11 p.m. Heaven help me....


Julia said...

Old boss as in Todd?? Crazy!

8:30 AM? I assume so. And if so, wow. Good luck with that.

Call me if you need a reason to get away from someone/a break from your crazy day of meetings!

Cary said...

If you are there on Thursday I'll be flying through, so wave to one of those American Airlines planes zipping overhead. On second thought you may not ever feel like waving to anything AA.

Nina said...

Ugh! Your day makes my 7.5 hour day seem like a walk in the park. If you fall asleep during a meeting, tell them you were engaged in a moment of silent prayer!

Jessica said...

Cary, will you be in the airport, or just flying over? I'm flying out on Thursday afternoon....if you're there for a layover, let me know and we'll meet for a Starbucks or something!

And, guess what....I'll be flying American as well. I don't have a whole lot of hope for arriving ome on time, but I will have a friend with me so maybe my curse will lay low!

Cary said...

I'll be laying over from 11:20 to 1:15. I'll give you a call and see what you are up to.