Monday, July 16, 2007

The List

John and I often have discussions about "The List". You know what list I'm talking about....the list of five people that are freebies. You know what kind of freebies I'm talking about, and I bet you've ALL had discussions with your spouse about them.

John and I have actual arguments about "The List" like it's a real possibility of something.

My List:
1. Brad Pitt (looks only...nothing about the personality)
2. Matthew McConaughey
3. Will Smith
4. Justin Timberlake
5. Keith Urban

Dr. McDreamy was on there until John VETOED it. Like it's his list or something! That was the first argument...can you even veto somebody? It is, after all, the list of's based on personal taste.

He ALSO tried to veto Matthew McConaughey, saying that no self-respecting OU fan could have a die-hard Texas fan on The List. My argument, backed up by a phone call to uber-OU fan Brooke, is that his abs make him the exception to the rule. Who would NOT include those abs on The List?

John's list constantly changes....mine is pretty much standard. I'm not going to laminate it or anything, like Ross on "Friends" (not taking THAT chance). But some of these guys are long-time Listers.

I've tried to veto some of John's and he refuses. So....I am officially adding Dr. McDreamy BACK on The List. In fact, because John has such double standards I'm going to add him as a 6th. I'm not taking anyone off!

John's list? He informed me just this weekend that Jenny Finch of USA Softball is on the list, as is Victoria Beckham (whatever, he's just a closet Spice Girls fan). Also Catherine Bell from JAG, and Britney and Cynthia Daniel (identical twins, and yes I let him count them as one). I'm not even telling you who the last one is because it's too horrible and I've officially vetoed it.

So you can see the deep, meaningful, loving, marital conversations we have. You all have lists, I just know it...


Julia said...

I support them all except #4. You know why!

By the way, I've heard (I know how you love idle Hollywood gossip!) that Matthew McConaughey doesn't wear deodorant. He also holes up in his own old trailer home while on set. Apparently, some other actors refuse to work with him because he smells! Ew!

But if you concentrate on the abs and breathe through your mouth, I'm sure it will work out!

John said...

Wanna know my 5th?
Just ask!

Emily said...

Catherine Bell is totally on Colin's list too! What is the deal with that girl...I don't see it.

Brooke said...

My list:
1) Luke & Owen Wilson (brothers count as one John)
2) Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy)
3) George Clooney
4) Adam Brody
5) Paul Walker

Jessica said...

Ooooo! I forgot about Paul Walker....he is delish.

And Catherine Bell...John has had a thing for her FOREVER. I think she's mysterious, maybe that's it...