Sunday, July 29, 2007


So, I told you I would post pictures of my new here they are! I am pretty proud of myself. The brown ones are Nine West, the black ones are Dexter, and the read heels (yeah!) are Bandolino and each one was only $19.99. I am not a show person, so bringing home three pairs in a year is crazy.

The next picture is for my weather-crazed friends....this is me and Rick Mitchell. We're TIGHT after "On the Road". I'm going to have the inside scoop on weather after this!

Final picture is of Faith's new hiding place....she has crawled up inside our box springs. I can't get a great picture, since I can only stick my hand in the hole she's found. But, she can get in just about anywhere.



not so zen momma said...

Willow also dwells in the box springs.

jenkay81 said...

omg I SO have those nine west ones in black. They're the ones with the kitten heels right? Are you telling me that you got those for $19.99? WHERE? Dang..I paid like A LOT MORE!! Tell me your secrets :)! ♥

Jessica said...

Yes! they totally have the kitten heels.

Yes, I paid $19.99. There is this little shoe store in Springfield, Missouri called Shoe Cents. I go there every time I visit Springfield, and I find something every time. Nothing is over $19.99. If you're ever going that way let me know and I'll tell you how to get there!