Friday, July 20, 2007

A Day in the Life

Darn it! I didn't post yesterday, breaking my streak....

It's ok. It was not a good couple of days recently. Lots of work drama and I freaked out just a little. Not too much know me!

Today I'm working from home. I think allergies may be hitting throat is very sore and swollen. But I don't feel super sick. Still we're going to visit my grandparents this weekend and the last thing I want to do is bring illness into their house! So I'm resting up this afternoon hoping to feel less sick by this evening.

DVR is currently playing. I think some people thought it was strange to see a listing of "World Series of Pop Culture", "Family Guy", and "The Gestapo" on our DVR. Yes, "The Gestapo". I love the History channel, and I always learn new I recorded a mini-series on the Gestapo and I'm going to get through it.

We also have lots of episodes of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" on the DVR....what is it about this family and trivia?!

Wow! I'm adding all kinds of links to the side lately....everyone is starting a blog! Tune into the latest and greatest Adcox adventures by reading Derek's blog. Or, for the real story....tune into his wife Brooke's blog. Keep it up, everyone....let's add to my link list!

Below I've posted "A Day in the Life". I've seen this on several other blogs, and I love it. Reading about people's typical day....makes the world seem a little less about me.'s incredibly boring, but enjoy anyway. Then, post about your typical day!

A Day in the Life (since I don't ever have a typical day with my job, I decided to post what yesterday was like for me.)

6:20 am: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze
6:29 am: Snooze goes off. Hit snooze again
6:38 am: Snooze goes off. Hit snooze again
6:47 am: Snooze goes off. Finally stumble out of bed.
6:50 am: Shower
7:10 am: lay back down while my hair air dries
7:30 am: Get up, hair, makeup, get dressed
8:05 am: Leave for work
8:30 am: Arrive at work, log into my computer, check voicemail
8:45 am: Return e-mails (in this case there weren't any to return because of ALL the drama at 9 pm the night before....that's why I shouldn't check my e-mail in the after hours!)
9:00 am: Check Yahoo e-mail, MySpace, and the blog
9:05 am: Think about starting a blog...usually it takes me throughout the day to get a blog together on my breaks
9:10 am: Start really working
10:15 am: Start thinking about lunch
10:45 am: Really wish it was lunchtime; start hating myself for not packing a snack
12:00 pm: Leave to meet good friend for lunch
12:10 pm: Both arrive on-time and enjoy a nice venting session about the local media
1:20 pm: Back at work, checking e-mail
2:00 pm: Mental break...time to check the 65 blogs or so that I read every day
3:00 pm: Conference call
4:00 pm: Wish the conference call was over already
4:30 pm: Start packing up for the day--putting away pens, straightening papers, you know all the things that take you an hour to do!
5:00 pm: Decide it's almost time to shut down the computer, even though I don't leave until 5:30
5:10 pm: Remember that John mentioned an early dinner....officially shut down the computer in a hurry. Good thing I started packing up at 4:30!
5:15pm: Leave the office
6:15 pm: Head toward dinner at Steak and Ale--I deserve it after all the drama the last two days!
7:20 pm: Enjoying my French Silk Pie....a whole piece, all to myself and the world seems right again!
8:15 pm: Back home, in my PJ's and on a cleaning mission
8:30 pm: Meticulously clean the house....mirrors, floors, laundry, toilets, vacuum, sheets, dusting, dishes, coutertops, litter box, trash.....the house get a good cleaning
9:45 pm: Relax in bed
10:00 pm: Turn on Jon Stewart and drift off to sleep.

Guys....that was my day yesterday. I actually, believe it or not, got a lot of work done. Just because you're THINKING about food and leaving work doesn't mean you're incapable of getting work done.

This is why I love my job because this is actually not a normal day. This whole week I've been in the office and I'm about to go crazy. I love my job because it takes me different places and different schedules every week.

Now....tell me about your day.


Audrey said...

I'll try it next week. I'm afraid it might be a little depressing :)

Derek said...

I would give you an account of my day but that would include patients going to the bathroom, throwing up (on occasion on me, like today), peg tubes, NG tubes...the list goes on and I am sure it wouldn't be too exciting for you to read about.

John said...

So, what you're saying is "that you only do about 15 minutes of real work in a week?"