Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Concert Memories

Going to the Keith Urban concert last night made me think of another great concert moment in my life.

Probably the greatest night of my preteen years was March 8, 1990. Yes, that's right--I can't remember the date I got engaged but I can remember every detail on the ticket stub for the New Kids on the Block concert. It was an early 9th birthday present for me. I was a HUGE NKOTB fan....had the Barbie dolls, bed sheets, posters, t-shirts. I knew every song, and often jammed to "The Right Stuff" in my bedroom and in the car. I heart Donnie Wahlberg (until he, GASP, got an EARRING. Then I couldn't be his number one fan anymore because he was too dangerous. I moved on to Joey and Jordan).

Anyway....I wanted to go for so long, but my parents told me no. Too expensive. Plus, they could already see it was turning into a crazy obsession with boy bands and bubblegum pop that would one day have me standing in line at midnight for the latest Britney Spears CD.

But on the afternoon of March 8, I got home from school and my parents gave me a little box that flipped open, like a jewelry box. Opening it, I could almost hear angels sing and golden rays of light blinding me. Inside were 4 tickets to see NKOTB!!! I screamed, I jumped up and down, I swore I'd clean my room every day for the rest of my life.

Quickly, I ran to my room and picked out the outfit I would wear for the most important night of my life. It was perfect--black leggings, my white and hot-pink NKOTB t-shirt with all 5 members pictures on it, a hot pink t-shirt tie. Then two pairs of alternating slouch socks (probably white and neon green) and Keds. Got my thin, little excuse for a pony-tail on the side of my head and off we went.

The seats were not great, I now realize. But at the time, my dad made it seem like they were the best seats in the house. He said:
"Don't look at it as we're so far to the left of the stage we can't see....look at it as 'wow, we can see the water station, where they come to take drinks in between songs'."

My reaction:
"Oh my gosh!!! Jordan's drinking water! Hi Donnie, I love you! Joey's wiping his face with a real towel....right there in front of me."

I felt like I was much more important than the girls at the front of the stage. I could see them being real. And even though I didn't get picked to be up on stage with Donnie while he sang "Cover Girl" to one very lucky 9-year-old, I still had the best night of my young life. My sister, who would have been around 4, cried and covered her ears most of the time. But I still think my parents were the coolest to have sat through "Hangin' Tough" just because it was my dream.

I think it's funny how music can do that to you. As a little girl, or a 26-year-old woman I can still get excited about seeing my favorite artists in real life. Music that makes me smile, makes me happy, brightens my day. Plus, it helps that most of the time....the artists are incredibly attractive. Add Australian into the mix, and they are delicious. As for my NKOTB days....it may be many years and several t-shirt ties behind me, but I could probably sing you every word of "Please Don't Go Girl". And I think my mom may still have a pillowcase or two around her house....

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Brooke said...

One of my great childhood regrets is not seeing NKTOB.