Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The...Two Seasons?

Well, now I sit in a sad little room in a sad little hotel right off the highway in Sacramento. The view is completely obstructed by trees and it sits almost underneath the highway so it's dark and noisy. And it feels awfully institutional, even with the flat screen plasma.

I'm in a Hilton Garden Inn, which is altogether pretty nice but it's no Four Season's. Gosh I feel stifled...I think this room may only be a couple hundred square feet. I'm SO used to 1,000 square feet. And it's hard to go to the bathroom without cable TV in there.

Just kidding! The Four Seasons was WONDERFUL, but I haven't had the best time on this trip. It's so sad that I get to stay at these places and go to such exciting locales and not do anything. I have decided that John and I will be taking our next vacation in San Francisco. Though I REALLY want to go to Malibu and celeb watch. I'm pretty sure I would see Matthew McConaughey shirtless, because he's in People every week without a shirt and it says it's in Malibu.

Anyway....I was really disappointed I didn't get to go to San Francisco a few weeks ago, so John and I will be going there for a trip sometime. Soon. Very soon. I need to get away from work, not just get away. Plus...I miss John!

Want to know what something very disappointing? The Four Seasons had HUGE bottles of complimentary bath stuff. Well, 2.5 ounces in each but it was great, quality stuff. And I didn't take any of them. Because they wouldn't fit in my stupid 1-quart ziploc bag to get through airport security. And I'm doing my best not to check bags anymore. So I left it all behind....with my memories, I suppose.

Hey, did I mention my room service breakfast this morning was $30 for a muffin and bowl of berries? No coffee, no juice, no eggs....just berries and bread. It was delicious!


Elizabeth said...

Yuummm...I love $30 muffins. They are the best! I like to wash 'em down with $6 bottled water.

I like it even better when I stay at the "No-Seasons" and they give you as many free muffins that you can roll up in napkins and stick in your camera bag. They're real nice there. : )

Emily said...

Berries and a muffin? That's not breakfast, that's a snack. Unless the muffin was chocolate chip chocolate in which case it's dessert.

And yes, I am like a pregnant Chuck Norris, ridding the world of rude check out ladies one at a time.