Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weighing In

So, John and I have been thinking back to the year 2005 and what a thin year that was for us. When we were happy to go swimming in bathing suits around other people, when I bought a pair of size 2 pants, when we could walk the mall without being out of breath. That was the year we went on Weight Watchers with the family and saw such drastic, noticeable, and quick results. I remember buying a very cute bikini at Target and spending every second I could in the pool at my mom's house.

And then....we stopped. Got busy, I guess. Lost the motivation. And we haven't been the same since.

There is no way, in any sense, I could be called overweight. But I am not healthy. I feel tired and squishy and I'm pretty sure that yesterday my thighs started rubbing together. I can't fit into my favorite clothes and even if I can they don't feel right.

We've been saying for so long "we've got to get back on Weight Watchers" and we finally agreed with Robin on a date. September 10th, which is the Monday after John's 30th birthday. It still seems very far away because I can almost hear my arteries clogging with every chicken finger I stick in my mouth. And today may have been a low point when I ate more than one french fry at the airport even though the smell of them (they were garlic onion fries) made me sick to my stomach and they tasted horrible. Anyway....we will start our lifestyle change on September 10th, and on September 11th we will mark the very sad day in U.S. history with a very sad day of our own: weigh-in. Our first WW meeting in probably a year. And I'm pretty sure both of us will be at the heaviest we've ever been and there may be some tears and frustrations and probably disbelief.

I'm not going to WW to lose a bunch of weight because I'm fat. And I don't think I should get as thin as I was before, because that wasn't necessarily healthy either. But I've got to feel better about myself, and I've got to feel good about my body. I feel more confident, better at work, more energized, more social when I am at a healthy weight with a fit body. And it's never easy since my diet is based on plain cheeseburgers and maybe some fried fish.

Then, today I saw this amazing, inspiring post by my very good friend Liz about her battle against obesity and her absolute dedication to not letting it win. And I cried a little. I am so, so, so proud of her and her work at Weight Watchers lately, and I know between Liz and Brooke and Pam and Robin and Derek and John I will have a great support to stick to Weight Watchers.

So check back with me in about 6 weeks, when I hope to be 10 pounds lighter and much happier. And if you see me or John, encourage us...maybe tell us we look like we've lost a little weight. That always makes a dieter feel good!


Audrey said...

Oooh, I'll join you. I lost 17 lbs. with WW in 2005 and am starting back on Sept. 7th(the day C starts Sonsine School). When are you going to meetings?

Kelly said...

How did you know I was sitting here thinking about quitting WW? I'm not motivated to lose the last 30 pounds...Maybe with you and John in the mix, I can do it!

Pam said...

I know you can do it! I need to get back on the WW train, myself. We'll encourage each other!

Jessica said...

Yeah! So many people ready to start on our mission!

Audrey--we will be going to the Tuesday evening at 6 pm meetings Edmond location. But my friend Liz goes on Saturday mornings and those are supposed to be good, too. We'd love to have a meeting mate! Robin goes with us, too.

Kelly--WHAT?! You HAVE to lose the last 30 pounds! Talk about being a total inspiration to everyone. You look like a totally different person since WW! Please, keep going! Come on Tuesday nights...

Pam--you can do it, too!!

Thanks, Guys!

Nina said...

I'll join you on the 10th. No one needs WW and the encouragement more than I do. Do you think the scales are ready for us??? :)

Anonymous said...
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