Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thank you guys, again, for your comments and e-mails. I keep updating everyone because, well, people ask. I figure some of you are interested. And because it's all I think about. And, I'll be honest--I need your encouragement. You don't have to know what to's nice just hearing people are thinking about us.

I have the absolute best sister in the world. This is a basket she brought me last night, with a card that would make any grown man cry. You'll notice the individually wrapped bags of candy. There are 60 there. One for every day over the next two months while I wait for a happy trip to the doctor. Because everyone needs a little chocolate each day, especially during hard times. I love you so much, Julia. You're the best. You're so thoughtful and sensitive...and you spent so much time just to make me feel better. Thank you!

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Julia said...

You're welcome, and I love you, too. I hope you're feeling better!