Sunday, August 26, 2007

Out of Place

Holy Crap. Just call me Angelina Jolie or something because I am living it up in high style.

Last Monday a colleague in California called me and asked if I could make a last-minute trip to L.A. this week to present at a meeting. And seeing as there was nothing holding me back (I'd left the week open in case there were doctor's trips planned) I said sure.

The meeting is at the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, CA. Because it was so last minute, they only had a few rooms left and none at the corporate rate everyone else had. So, I booked the cheapest room they had available, a Premier Room. It's can look it up.

But, after I checked in and the room was FINALLY ready, I walked in and (I am not even exaggerating) I got lost. Got lost in my own guest room. Guys....there are TWO bathrooms in here. Two!! For little ol' me!

In addition, there are three closets, 3 hallways, 3 plasma screen TV's (including one in the bathroom), hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, a remote control to open and close the drapes, a marble bathtub bigger than my whole master bathroom at home, and floor to ceiling windows in every room with views of the mountains. I'm telling you, it's out of control.

Turns out they upgraded me. How do I know? Because I was so lost in the room, I went back downstairs to make sure they didn't get me confused with another guest. I truly did not believe this was my room. They had upgraded me to a Deluxe One-Bedroom Suite (check out the floorplan). The ONLY other room that is bigger in this hotel is the Presidential Suite. My room is over 1,000 square feet. It is almost $1,000 per night, and I'm here for two nights.

WOW! Guess it was worth my time for a last-minute trip, even though it meant a week away from John. They even have slippers here!

Seriously, check out the floor plan. I'm signing off for now, so I can go watch TV while soaking in the marble bathtub. There's a phone in both bathrooms, right next to the toilet so if I call you tonight.....well, you know where I'll be!


Elizabeth said...

I'm reposting my blog about my friends and their free job perks. That is insane. I'm super jealous! Let me know if you run into Lauren and Audrina. If you run into Spencer and Heidi though, just stick you leg out to trip 'em. You should be jealous...your husband is making us dinner tomorrow night.

Emily said...

Uh,please tell me you're never coming home and that you are going to live there for the rest of your life. I mean, how can you go back to regular life now?

John said...

Live it up honey!
Because in the real world it's Motel 6 all the way!!!!!