Thursday, August 23, 2007


In my travels, I often prepare myself for questions people have about Oklahoma. Usually it's something about "have you ever seen a REAL tornado?" or "do you ever see Barry Switzer?" or "are you afraid of ALL the tornadoes?". This week everyone I meet is asking me if my house flooded, like all of OKC flooded or something.

Everyone makes fun of awkward weather conversation. You know, like how elevators are always filled with people talking about the heat or the cold or the wind or the rain. Every. Single. Time. The doors open and close with weather. But I seriously don't think it's just awkward small talk. When you're from Oklahoma, weather is a bonding issue. My husband and I have serious conversations about the weather. My dad and I have long conversations about thunderstorms. And who can forget crazy Nathan and Liz who know all the Weather Channel anchor's names?! Weather is not small's serious talk.

Tonight, after about the thirteenth person to ask me if my house was flooded (no, it's not, but we did get 6 inches of rain in half an hour on Saturday) finally someone asked me if I was a Sooner. Yes! Born and bred and when I die I will be Sooner dead! That's me....let's talk football.

Ok, so he asked me what I thought of Eddie Sutton as a coach, so I politely said I respected him and he has a great reputation and we would kill for him to coach our school, but he's at the rival school up the creek. Then the conversation turned to football, and Bob Stoops, and the quarterback, and Adrian Peterson, and how it would be awesome to play Ohio State (he was a Buckeye), and we talked stats and history, and I blew him away at all my Sooner knowledge. By the time the conversation was over I was flushed and my heart was pounding and I couldn't believe there are only 8 more days to kickoff!

AAAHHH!!! Sooner football is upon us! All my depression and stress at work and my excitement of this most glorious time of year had gotten away from me. It's time to sing the chant, sing Boomer Sooner, wear crimson and cream, get my touchdown arms toned up for action, secure the HD signal on ESPNU. It's time to read up on my players, recognize their numbers, scream for some broken legs (the other team, of course). It's time for DE-FENSE, DE-FENSE and BLOCK THAT KICK. It's time for TEXAS SUCKS and Miami sucks and Nebraska sucks and oh yeah TEXAS SUCKS!'s football time!

Check out the video....I could post a hundred more that have me FIRED UP!


Pam said...

BOOMER! SOONER! I'm ready for some football!!!! One more week...

Cary said...

My phone still loudly rings Boomer Sooner here in the land of the Wildcats. Multiple times every day. It irritates people to death. And I will have it no other way.

momof2monsters said...

ok so even though i left oklahoma 7 years ago I am still a Sooner at heart. I love the fact that when I call my parents during the games they get really mad and yell at me! i do it just because its funny. Hope all is well with you and I will be praying for both you and John over the next few months that everything goes well! let me know how you all are doing!

Gabe said...

Booooomer Sooooner! I'm ready!

I'll be flying the OU flag proudly this season. Other dorks just don't know what they're missing.