Monday, March 03, 2008

Will Ferrell, muscle relaxers, and J-Lo's babies

It is so much better to go into a movie with low expectations. John and I have been anticipating the release of Semi-Pro for a long time, but we were disappointed to find out it had such bad reviews.

Which turned out to be great for us. We decided to catch a matinee (less money spent if it was that bad and fewer texting teenagers). I should have known better because I had to go home before doing anything else to clean up all the mascara that had run due to tears of laughter.

It doesn't take much to entertain us, really. Ok, well it doesn't take much for John. And we really, really love Will Ferrell. We might be the only people in the world who love Blades of Glory. Anyway, despite an overuse of the f-word, it was HILARIOUS. You have to go into a Will Ferrell movie prepared to laugh at the giant mess he is. Think SNL...he is all about SNL.

His character in Semi-Pro reminds me a lot of his character in Talladegah Nights. Very "all-about-me, I'm so sexy". Which makes it funny because he's so not sexy! Get it?

My all-time favorite Will Ferrell movie? Old School. Which is in my Top Ten movies of all time.

John's favorite Will Ferrell movie? A Night at the Roxbury. See, I told you it doesn't take much to entertain him.

John is currently laid up in the recliner, high on sugar-free popsicles, darvocet and muscle relaxers. I'd like to tell you he threw his back out while working in the garage and building things out of wood. But he didn't. No, he came out of that with only a splinter.

No, John threw his back out at Starbucks. I guess it happens're so overwhelmed with how awesome the coffee is, you just go crazy! No, really, I think he sat wrong or twisted wrong. Needless to say, it means time off work for a few days.

Funny how I think my back is hurting now....hhhhmmmm....

About the only things I've had a chance to catch up on these days are the latest episode of Lost (best. show. ever.) and J-Lo's baby names. Emily and I had been trying to guess for a long time what we thought the names would be. We assumed something Spanish, seeing as how J-Lo and Marc Anthony are, like, the most Spanish people in America.

We decided they names would be something like Marco and Lola. Which (Emily, I know I've overused this line a lot) I think would be perfect because then they could play "Marco Lola" in the pool as they got older. Imagine my dismay when they're named Max and fun pool games there. Which is unfortunate, since they'll have about 100 pools of their own to play in.

I think that's about all I know. I'm committed to better blogging with my new look. But nothing tomorrow because I'll be at the Michael Buble concert!


evawebdiva said...

In respond to John's situation, I once sprained my wrist adjusting my underwear. Yes, I'm serious! My underwear got misplaced (if you know what I mean) and I was trying to get it unmisplaced and hurt my wrist.

Julia said...

Yay Michael!!!

Emily said... night and then John's back is thrown out? I think we know what really happened.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new design! So cute!