Monday, March 24, 2008

Fellow Bloggers

Couple of blogging links and plugs. You may have noticed a few additions to my links section. Or maybe you didn't, which is why I'm calling them out here!

My sister is back in action, blogging at Anthropology by Julia.

Nathan has started his own blog at Nateorology, it's all about weather. And who doesn't love weather? Everyone should visit and leave comments to pressure him into blogging more often. It's not like he's busy or anything...

From my other blog, I have a link to A Heart for Adoption and I'm just excited because they brought their little boy home last week! No, I don't know them. But I've followed their story and it's fun to see it all work out.

It's official, I can take Boz Blog out of my Bloglines and publicly link them because I know they read my blog! I've been reading them since they started, by the way. There's a treehouse project they've been working on that makes me want to play in their backyard!

If you'd like me to add you to my links, just let me know!

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Dana said...

Ooooooo, we're so flattered!