Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Madness

I'll be honest and tell you that when it comes to the argument about having a playoff in college football versus the current BCS formula, I'm not exactly a fan of the playoff idea. I know, you probably want to revoke my card-carrying membership of the College Football Fan Club. But I'm not convinced. Probably because the current system has served my beloved Sooners well over the last few years, allowing them 4 appearances in BCS games and 4 consecutive embarrassing losses. But hey, at least we got there!

Boomer Sooner!

So, anyway, I'm not convinced a playoff is the answer. Until this time of year during March Madness when I think sports cannot get any better than this! I love it, rooting for teams you've never heard of. Every second counts. Even the little guy can get to the top. Plus there are the parties. And we've already had a lot of parties to celebrate March Madness. Easter? Who needs Easter, we have basketball!!

Anyway, I love it and I wish football had something like this. The current bowl season is not nearly as exciting. No one cares unless it's the national championship or if your own team is playing.

All this talk about basketball makes me sooooooo ready for football season. Especially since I'm in last place in our friendly bracket competition.

And yet, I still have 7 of my Elite 8 teams still in the mix. Stupid Duke.


I hate March Madness.

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