Monday, March 17, 2008

Shorts and Suits

You will all be glad to know the Search for Shorts 2008 has commenced, and I happily have 4 perfect pairs in my closet. Though I'm thinking of taking one of them back. Thanks Old Navy!

Quite possibly the Search for Bathing Suit 2008 may commence this evening. I tried on about a hundred and after I swallowed the vomit that arose in my throat after each viewing in the mirror, I found one I felt comfortable in.

It's a tank top (straight tank top with spaghetti straps that covers my belly AND my sistahs aren't hanging out for all the world to see) and the bottoms are a pair of shorts (not bathing suit boyshorts but actual shorts) with the bottom built right in. So I wouldn't even have to wear shorts over them because they ARE shorts. And I won't have to buy a bottom piece because it's built right in! It's really a genius creation in my book.

Say what you will...Melissa says I'm a "waste of a body" to be all covered up like that, but the fact remains between all the meds I was on last year, and the fact my fertility doc told me to gain a little weight, and my constant craving for cheeseburgers and chocolate cake, I have put on an official 15 pounds since last April. I'm incredibly uncomfortable in my clothes and with the way I look, and I plan to do something about it eventually. But the important thing is to find a bathing suit I am comfortable in. Because the last thing I want to do is be adjusting my top while snorkeling.

As long as my sizes are still at Kohl's when I go back tonight, I will be done with my bathing suit search. I decided to only buy one because they are SO expensive, and I don't want to pay for an extra suit that will only be worn a few times. Plus, Dad has a washer and dryer if I need it while I'm out there.

I seriously cannot wait until we go. I want to get away and soak up some sun and see the ocean and be active. Now that I've found the bathing suit, I'm so much more excited about going!

Dreaming of Hawaii right now on this really dark and dismal day...


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