Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celebrating Easter with iTunes

This was on my e-mail today from iTunes:

Songs for Easter
With one of the most sacred Christian celebrations coming up this weekend, there's no better time to add to your music collection some fresh songs of praise and worship. Our hand-picked 45-song mix includes something for everyone, from Dove Award-winning singles to gospel classics to CCM rock tracks.

That's right, folks. There really is no better way to celebrate Christ's resurrection than a $45 "mix-tape" of worship songs.

Now, I love iTunes and my iPod like no other. In fact I just bought several songs the other day to add to my "Christian music" playlist. But let's be honest--we really need a WWJD bracelet and a couple Jesus action figures thrown in this deal. Otherwise, it's just a rip-off.

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not so zen momma said...

There are Easter action figures! At Wal-Mart for baby Easter baskets: