Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Early Loot

Growing up, my grandparents and aunt would come to our house twice a year: Christmas and Spring Break. Since my sister's birthday is in March and mine is in April, they would use Spring Break as an excuse to come see us and give us all our presents. For me it was like having 2 birthdays each year!
The past couple of years, there have been illnesses and falls and just plain busy schedules that have kept them from making it over Spring Break. We missed them a lot this year, because we thought they were going to make it up until the very last minute. But my mom went to visit them for a few days and brought our presents home so we didn't miss out.
My aunt does such a great job of picking stuff out. These are pictures of my "early loot" and the perfect dress I received from the White House/Black Market store which has become one of my favorite places to shop with my aunt. Perfect timing for Hawaii and Alaska! Seriously, it's the perfect dress.
Oh, and a pic of Julia blowing out her candles since, after all, it is HER birthday!

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