Friday, March 14, 2008


People like lists. Apparently random lists on your blog get lots of reads. So, in an effort to celebrate Friday I'm posting several lists. Enjoy...maybe post your own!

Things I like to eat ketchup on:
--grilled cheese sandwiches
--hot dogs
--scrambled eggs

My favorite cookies:
--City Bites chocolate chip
--City Bites peanut butter swirl
--Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip
--Oreo's soaked in milk (or soaked in chocolate from a chocolate fountain)
--Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing from the deli in my office building

Things that taste better soggy:
--Rice Krispies
--Cinnamon Toast Crunch
--French fries
--strawberries after they're soaked in sugar and become soup-like

Reality shows I'd like to be on (even though I don't "get" reality shows):
--House Hunters
--The Hills
--The Real World (still can't believe I'm too old)
--What Not to Wear (free $5,000 bucks!)
--Gene Simmons Family Jewels (that guy is funny)

Favorite Starbucks drinks:
--nonfat, no whip mocha
--full fat, with whip hot chocolate
--double chocolate chip blended creme
--chai tea latte
--iced passion tea

Favorite phrases:
--whatever or whatev
--any combination of awesome, sweet, so cool, rockin'
--don't hate
--shut your mouth

Ridiculous things I believe:
--I hate everything in my closet
--Splenda will kill you (it's like drinking cholrine)
--If there are babies on your plane it won't crash
--someone could put cameras in my house and a live feed on the internet of my every move
--Kansas has a grudge against me (the state, not the band)

Things I miss:
--seeing my grandparents (they're not far away, I just miss them)
--my dog, Simba
--OU winning a BCS game
--skipping class for a Classic 50's Happy Hour run
--the ability to stay up late

Favorite things of the past week:
--Lunch with Emily
--Visit with the Parker's
--Coffee with Shanna and Aubrey
--Dinner with Liz and Brooke
--Barnes and Noble with John

My plans for the weekend:
--watch Lost
--play outside
--shop with Melissa for shorts and bathing suit for Hawaii (she'll be brutally honest with me, and I won't feel stupid showing her the suits I try on. It's refreshing to stand in front of someone and have them say "your cellulite is bad, your skin is pasty, your gut is out of control....try this one.)
--go to church (hey, maybe even Sunday promises!)


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