Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Sugar Added John

I have to brag on John here for a minute. Remember how I told you he gave up sweets as his New Year's resolution? We agreed he'd give up all sweets, except sweetener in his coffee or other beverages, jams/syrups/condiments, and natural sweets like fruits.

Well, he still hasn't had chocolate or cake or cookies or anything since January 1st!! Can you believe it? Almost 4 months now...I'm really proud of him.

It helps him to stay strong when he has nights at Weigh Watchers like he did last night: he lost 3.2 pounds last week for a total weight loss of just over 20 pounds since January 1st.

He looks so good! And feels good, too. Anyway...I'm proud of him. Especially since I know I could never do it...

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