Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

I watched the movie Gone Baby Gone last night because, really, who doesn't love an Affleck? And Casey Affleck was in the Ocean's movies and that right there makes him awesome. Although, add Ben Affleck to another thing on my list that I don't "get". As in, I don't "get" why people think he's hot. Funny, yes. Hot....not so much.

Anyway, Gone Baby Gone was one of those movies about "what's popular is not always right, what's right is not always popular" and I really just hate that. By the end of the movie my stomach was aching because it did not have a Hollywood ending. It didn't work out the way that it should have. And while it was intense and awesome getting to the end, it did not end the way I wanted.

Moral of the story: the law is not really the same thing as justice. And I'm really more of a justice kind of girl.

Watch it, but be prepared for an ending that will make you angry, a neighborhood full of people that will make you sick, and a Bostonian overuse of the f-word.



Emily said...

I was considering having us read the book for book club. The movie provided lots of conversation between me and Colin. He's a very black and white guy so to him there was no question that he should have left the little girl with Morgan Freeman. But for me, it's a little more complicated. I hated the way the girl was treated but who's to decide that she should be taken away from her mother? It's scary for me to think that if someone doesn't like the way I treat my kids, they could come kidnap them. And even though I know the girl was treated horribly, and in a way no child should be treated, I still don't believe taking the law into our own hands is the answer. Either way, there is no clear cut answer. Just my two cents on a very interesting topic.

ChandraJoy said...

Hmmm, my interest has been sparked. I may have to watch the movie, or even (haha) find time to read the book.

NEIL & MARY said...

That's interesting. I'm very black and white also and I thought they should give the kid back to her mom and Morgan Freeman should go to jail. By the way, my first (and possibly last) blog comment. You should feel special.