Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm never eating pizza again

Maybe it's the time of year, but it also apparently seems to be the time for stories of the strange and weird. Here are some of the stories I've been tuning into today...

Wii for Physical Therapy
Why are we not stronger?! Hey, Derek, here's your excuse for buying a Wii and writing it off as a business expense!

Christmas shopping gone terribly wrong
Man, I wish my Christmas shopping was done...malls will now be as scary as high schools

Back from the dead and charged with fraud
Why, oh why, do people not escape to countries with no extradition agreements? People who fake their own death are just stupid.

Couple of dirty pizzas....
Santa gets naughty talking about pizza
Leave Santa alone already!

Emily....this might be something to consider!

And finally....we're in for a long weekend in Oklahoma. Buy your bottled water and matches while you can!


Emily said...

I already told you - we GRILL our placentas before we eat them.

And why if you faked your death would you let your picture be taken? Some people just DO NOT know how to break the law properly.

Aubrey said...

Call me crazy, but I don't care how depressed I ever become...there's no way I would ever eat my own (or anyone else's) placenta! SICK!!!!