Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

One of my least favorite days in the year is the day after Christmas. It's incredibly depressing. You work and work in this spirit-filled frenzy for weeks, then you tear the wrapping off the presents and stuff yourself with turkey and watch the heck out of "A Christmas Story" and's over. Family goes home, people go back to work, and presents have to be organized and put away.

In the past, this day feels much like the hours after my wedding. One of John's favorite stories to tell....we were in the car and just barely out of Edmond on our way to Gainesville for our wedding night at a Bed and Breakfast. From Gainseville we would head to Galveston, TX and a cruise ship. Which is another disastrous story for another day. Anyway, we were barely out of Edmond before I had this wave of anxiety wash over me. Not like "oh, no, what have I done?". More like "I can't believe I've waited 22 years for this day and it's over and I'll never have another wedding again!". Unfortunately the wave hit me and forced tears and hysterics to ensue. And I was unable to communicate to John that I was happy to be married, just sad to see the day end.

We were just past Norman when he asked me if I wanted him to call the preacher and tell him not to send in the license and offered to take me back to my mom's.

But really, I was just upset the wedding dress was packed away, the guests were gone, and I didn't have any groom's cake. Later, we'd settled into the B&B and I was calmed down enough to go grab dinner at Applebee's and John asked me if I wanted to take my hair down before we ate. Which caused an entirely new set of tears because my hair, oh my beautiful hair, was the last piece of the wedding day!

After a good night's sleep I was much better to enjoy our disastrous honeymoon!

Anyway....the day after Christmas is a lot like that day. Now we have 365 days (Leap Year) until the next Christmas. My aunt and grandparents went home, and all our presents are piles in our bedroom that need to be sorted. Plus I went to see "P.S. I Love You" last night in the theatres (even though I was only halfway through the book) and that got me pretty emotional, too!

But this morning I didn't let myself get down and weepy. Nope...we had a doctor's appointment, which takes all the energy normally reserved for the Day After crash-and-burn and put it into making sure everything went right this morning. I'm actually pretty grateful for the distraction.

Yes, we did go to the doctor yesterday morning, the appointment lasted a total of 7 minutes and everything looked great. I woke up this morning, things still looking great and we did our second IUI. Now we wait for around 2 weeks for good news.

I already feel much less stressed and obsessive than I did the last time. It's nice because I'm able to talk about it--last time we tried keeping it from too many people because we'd hoped to provide our family with a Christmas surprise. This time....I'm laying it all out there and it's very therapeutic. Plus, I know what to expect this time and I won't be second-guessing every ache or tweak in my body for the next 14 days. My goal is to stay off all pregnancy and infertility websites for 14 days. We will see....

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! What did we get? Well, that post is coming soon complete with beautiful pictures from my AWESOME brand new digital camera (thanks Mom!). John and I are incredibly blessed....we got way more than we deserve. And I'm happy to show it off!

Coming soon....


Elizabeth said...

Darn it! With no water in the house, I wasn't able to follow up my good luck cake with a hopefully better luck cookie platter. Oh well. Maybe the overload of chocolate threw good swimmers into a sugar crash last time.

Cary said...

God bless you, John Anderson.