Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm Saga Day Three

Well, I'm at work today. There is power at the office, however there is no HEAT. In fact, the heat is "on" but blowing cold air. So I'm pretty sure it's colder here than at my house. But, we have internet and electricity so I guess I can't complain.

But I am. I'm going to complain because I'm FREEZING!

Last night was not too bad at all. In fact, I got the best night of sleep I've had in months. When I woke up this morning under all my thick covers with the cat curled up next to me, I was quite toasty. Which made it that much harder to get out of bed to come into work. But we have hot water, and I took a long steamy shower that warmed me right up.

I, like Emily, am a little depressed about all the spoiled food we'll have. I have a 16-pound turkey, a bag full of Blue and Gold Chicken Fingers, 2 pounds of brand new hamburger meat, a new jug of milk, butter, and more that are pretty much lost. And, do I have to throw out my jelly, ketchup, and other condiments? I wouldn't think those would go bad, but I don't know. I don't cook, remember?

I don't know if we'll stay at home tonight or not. We don't want to leave Faith (she's freezing, I can tell). So we might go stay at Liz and Nathan's since Faith has stayed there before and she would do ok in a separate, closed off room. My mom has power, but she has a dog so it would be hard to go over there. We'll see....maybe we'll just light candles and snuggle under blankets for another long cold night.

Question: our neighbors are not staying at their house right now, yet they have asked us to keep an eye on their house because they left their gas fireplace on to keep the house warm. Is it just me, or is it a fire hazard? John says no big deal...I think otherwise.

Also, is it ok to turn on your gas stove burners to warm up your kitchen, or are we once again looking at a fire hazard? John says no big deal...I think otherwise. Please respond...


Shannon said...

I say stick the cat in a carrier and come to my house! We'll decorate Christmas cookies and play a few games. More fun that way!

Elizabeth said...

Jessica, don't fall for that Christmas Cookie CRAP!! The Blais' have chocolate cake. HA! beat THAT Shannon.

As for the food question, throw it all away! Highway to the Danger Zone!

Question 2: I wouldn't do it.
Question 3: Umm, never go by John.

Emily said...

I saw on the news some people got carbon monoxide poisoning because they brought their grill into the house to keep them warm. I don't want to see you on the news so Im going to have to say no to the gas burners.

Derek said...

People have had fireplaces and wood burning stoves in their houses for years. Why would a little gas flame be any worse? It won't produce any gases that can kill you.