Monday, December 17, 2007

All Dogs Go To Heaven

I was in the middle of a long, self-pitying post yesterday when I received a horrible call from my sister. Not entirely unexpected, but horrible nonetheless.

When I was 13, my mom brought home a new puppy. I was at the peak of my Jonathan Taylor Thomas obsession, "The Lion King" was the newest, hottest kids movie. My girlfriends and I had memorized every line, and caught "Home Improvement" week after week for that sexy 13-year-old. So, fittingly the new puppy was named Simba, after the Lion King.

He was the best natured, most wonderful dog I'd ever met. As you all know, I'm a serious cat person. So loving a dog up close and personal (loving from a distance isn't that hard) was an adjustment but he made it very easy.

On Friday night, my mom called to say she was taking Simba to the emergency vet because he was very, very sick. She asked me and Julia to come up there, as it may be the end for this almost-13-year-old love of our life. So we trekked up there crying, and got the wonderful news that nothing showed up in his bloodwork and it was probably a virus. We took him home.

Julia spent the day yesterday at mom's with Simba, and when she went to take a shower that evening she came out and Simba was gone. Just like that. We expected he wouldn't be with us much longer, but we didn't expect him gone so soon.

It's hard to imagine now what he was like when he was a puppy and full of energy. 3 years ago he got Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and lost the use of one of his back legs. So his whole body got achier and less used as he went on. He was happiest curled up on his bed or mom's bed, with the TV on and all his family at home. He was loving and perky and sweet and full of kisses to the very end.

I will miss him so much, and Mom's house won't be the same. I ache for my mom and my sister, who have spent more time and put more love into him for the last several years. But, all dogs go to Heaven, right? He'll be there waiting....

I have the most wonderful husband, my mom has the best boyfriend. They both came over for a trio of blubbering girls and helped us bury our best friend. I'll find a better picture...for now, this is our baby.


Aubrey said...

Hey Jessica! I'm so sorry you guys lost such a darling dog. I know that must be very hard. So sorry!!

Audrey said...

So, So, Sorry! Hugs to you, Julia, and you mom!

Emily said...

I bet he's hanging out with Max now...because they would definitely get along in heaven. Losing pets is TERRIBLE. I'm really really sorry.

Charly said...

I'm sorry about your family dog. And I strongly believe all dogs do go to heaven. :)

not so zen momma said...

I'm sorry about Simba, I've heard stories about him over the years. Please tell your Mom and Julia that I'm thinking about them.