Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ice Storm 2007....volume 10 or 11

Faith and I are up early this Sunday morning, watching the weather. Ice Storm 2007 (it may be the 5th or 6th IS07 this year!) is shaping up to be slightly hazardous for most. We just had a thunderstorm by our house where it poured sleet and rain, which promptly froze to the roads.

We're staying in for today. Neither John nor I like to drive in rain, let alone freezing rain. And it keeps coming....who knows what it will be like in a few hours!

We had an awesome day yesterday. Gave us a glimpse into life with a 6-11 year old. We started the day by heading to Wal-Mart (I hate Wal-Mart) to see the Boy Scouts in action. Mason's cub scout troop was ringing the bell for Salvation Army. We, of course, made a donation because who can resist the faces of cub scouts and a little voice that says "Hi Aunt Jessica!".'s my lunch money for the whole week!!

Then we went to lunch with the cub scout, his family, and his fellow cub scout. We had about 2 hours downtime before heading to the YMCA to see Mason the cub scout turn into Mason the basketball phenom. He's definitely the best player on his team....made baskets left and right. Last year, Papa made a deal with Mason for $5 for every basket. The kid was making like $40 a game or more! This year, Papa said "he's a free agent" so we may just all have to chip in for a big present at the end of the season!

After that we went to see my sister's new apartment....her first time on her own and it looks like she's going to have a great place to live and a great roommate. Can't wait to see it unpacked and set up!

Finally, our night ended at Laser Quest for my friend, Cameron's, 9th birthday party. And, I have to tell you, I kick major butt at laser tag. Let's just say out of 32 players, I came in 5th, and then 3rd.

Yes....most of them were children. And, no, I took no mercy. Even on the little's a GAME. And I needed something I was good at besides Skee Ball. Don't challenge me to skee ball or laser tag, I will school you.

Also while we were there we noticed a man playing Dance, Dance Revolution in the lobby. He was really good and we thought maybe he practiced on his daughter's dance pad at home or something. But we soon realized....he didn't have a daughter. He wasn't at Laser Quest with a group or his children. He kept approaching girls in the 9-13-year-old range and asking them to play the game with him.

We began to call him Chester the Molester. We're pretty sure he was there scouting little girls. We saw him a little while later at Pizza Hut, by himself, playing Tetris on his phone. Chester had, in fact, been at Laser Quest for the entire evening BY HIMSELF. For me when I tell you that no one in his late 30s should be hanging out at Laser Quest alone asking little girls to play DDR with him.

Anyway...busy day! I'm glad we got out and about yesterday so it doesn't feel so bad to stay in the house today! Hopefully the storm will die down in time for work and CHRISTMAS PARTIES I have all week! And, please, no ice next week when I'm traveling!

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I challenge you to laser tag!