Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 In-a-Glance

Remember when we were kids and you used to hear old people say "where has the time gone" and "the year flew by so fast". And you thought that only crazy old people said that. Remember?

After my freshman year in college I suddenly discovered what it meant when people said that. Because since that year, the time has flown by. 2007 has gone exceptionally fast in so many ways. We've had many ups and many downs. All in all we've made in through another year together and have lots of hope that 2008 will bring us the best new challenges.

The Anderson's 2007 In-a-Glance:

Got a new car...had three ice storms...sold our house...bought a new house...gave up potatoes for 4 months...John turned 30...attended Financial Peace University...saved money on our insurance...John got a promotion...I got a promotion...started and quit and started and quit Weight Watchers...went on a girl's trip to 17 books...bought a Wii...I turned 26...we celebrated 4 years of marriage...met lots of different mom got engaged...started to train to walk a half marathon and then quit...began eating dinner at the our new kitchen table...went on a real, live vacation with our own hotel room...learned to like a couple of wines...led Bible Hour...hosted a baby shower...lost the best dog in the world...drank enough Starbucks to supply a small country...John played a lot of golf...spent time with the Bladcox group...lost power (and our minds) for 36 hours...loved being a Sooner...watched both my parents turn 50...watched my sister turn 21...won some money on slots (well, that was just me)...and so many other highs and lows to think of

Another way to measure the year, here are all the places I traveled in 2007:
-Dallas (10 times)
-Norfolk (2 times)
-Atlanta (2 times)
-Charleston, WV (2 times)
-San Francisco

Thank you all for coming along for the ride and for listening to my whining and my sarcasm and my heartaches. And for celebrating and getting excited and sharing in our joy. Despite all the good times, I am ready to say Good Riddance 2007!

Happy New Year!

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