Friday, September 28, 2007

The worst form of revenge: erasing someone's Tivo

I have a new link, a new blogstalker-like-me that's finally blogging on her own, Aubrey. Aubrey and I go way back....we grew up together in youth group and her family has always been very special to our family.

Our friendship has grown in recent months since she and her husband, Josh, started attending our church. And she's a lot like me. Sigh...I tried to figure out how to make that sound like something good, and not something offensive. I just mean she is very open and fun and real and I appreciate being able to tell her anything!

Anyway--she started a blog. I'm getting close to having everyone I know start a blog. Blogfever is spreading like STD's on spring break. Or like wildfire, whatever you prefer.

I am pretty stressed out because it is premiere week on TV and I've only been able to watch two things! My DVR is about to explode. But if "House" and "The Office" are any indication of the season to come, it's going to be great!

9 days and counting to San Francisco!!

John's going all political and thoughtful on his blog...check it out because it might be a while before he does it again!

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