Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letter of Apology

Dear Liz,

I am really sorry I ran over your foot with my car this weekend.

I am even sorrier that it was before we had peach champagne at Charly's shower so I don't have any excuse.

Maybe next time you should get in the car faster.



Elizabeth said...

Dear Jess,
Because I love you and because you drive a light, environmental-friendly vehicle, I will overlook the fact that I have had to wear flip-flops while the tempature in my office is a breezy 43 degrees.

As for speeding up, I'll be sure to do that the next time I have YOU!! as a passenger. : )


Jessica said...

Are you serious? Is it swollen?

I really am sorry...

Derek said...

If Liz's feet weren't so big you wouldn't have to worry about running over her foot.