Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday to John--the Big One!

John is 30 years old today. That is quite an accomplishment, worthy of celebration.

So to celebrate, I am eating! Lots and lots of food. Like steak and crouton salad (because, really, who eats lettuce with croutons, bacon, cheese, and eggs?) and Butterfinger cake and donuts and grilled cheese and french fries and there may or may not be a GIANT cookie cake I will work on tonight. Plus Shogun's Japanese Steakhouse for dinner, which means lots of meat.

That is part of the menu I've consumed since 7:30 last night. Remember, we are not counting Thursday and Friday on WW!

In all seriousness, it's John's birthday and I'm so proud of all he has accomplished in his 30 years. I can't imagine what's in store for the next 30 years! So, Happy Birthday Honey!

**On a slightly different topic, our office just received a box full of car air fresheners today that have jockstraps on them and when you open them they smell like, well, jockstraps. Worn, used, old, unwashed jockstraps. Our office smells HORRIBLE. I can't tell if the smell is just that of vomit or if someone actually did vomit.**

**By the way, it's a promotion for a new movie. Some of our clients in this office are movie studios and we get all kinds of crazy promotional items. Just wanted to clear that up, we didn't just randomly get a box of jockstrap air fresheners!**


Pam said...

Happy b-day to John! We're both married to old men now. Can you believe it? Wasn't it just yesterday a young 20-something John accompanied you to my apartment in NYC? Craziness.

Derek said...

I seriously need to get a hold of a few of those promo items!!