Friday, September 21, 2007

Results (and, yes, there was more than one condom joke)

The appointment went well today. Well, it wasn't the most fun I've ever had (actually QUITE painful this time) but the news coming out of it was good: no polyp.

So no surgery, no testing, no additional funds spent.

Still, one month of trying efforts lost. But I was expecting that, so I'm able to be a little more joyful than annoyed.

I think John is frustrated because it means we're back to square one. Still no real explanation of what's going on and why it's so difficult. Not that we wanted something surgical to be the problem! But for us, it's about knowing. The unknown is the enemy for us.

So I have yet one more month (a good 20+ days) to take wonderful advice like "don't worry" and "relax" while remembering to enjoy things like "traveling" and "sleeping in". Don't mean to sound bitter, just tired. Not the kind of tired that sleeping in and relaxing can fix....the kind of tired that only holding a screaming infant, watching John change diapers, and not sleeping for years can fix.

P.S.--I really am incredibly grateful and relieved that everything came out OK this time, I promise! It's really proof all your prayers are working--selfish to ask of you, but keep them coming. You pray for a fix, I'll pray for a better attitude...

P.P.S--We are humbled and beyond thankful for your prayers. That, and your encouragement is all that is getting us through. Don't mind the sarcasm. We are some of the lucky ones that we don't have to deal with this alone.


Emily said...

And the annoying comments won't stop after you have children!

Amen for no surgery!

Melanie said...

I am so thankful there was no surgery. I will continue my prayers in hopes that your exhaustion will be cured in all the ways it deserves to be.