Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts (because there's not enough interesting things to warrant their own post)

Well, like I said in the last post I've been sick this week. Do you know how limited you are without a voice? At the same time, it's kind of nice to sit back and listen and observe.

My voice is slowly coming back, my head is slooooowly unclogging. Just in time to work all weekend--yay!

Speaking of, it's been 16 whole days since I was last at the OKC airport. I'm starting to miss my friends in security, especially the really nice older man that always tells me what a beautiful smile I have even at 4:30 in the morning. He doesn't even check my boarding pass anymore, he just knows me.

But no need to worry--I'm flying on Sunday afternoon AND next Sunday afternoon. I just can't get enough, really. Next Sunday I'm going somewhere I've never been: Atlanta.

Last night I finally watched this HBO documentary that we recorded the other day called "Alive Day Memories". It's about 10 veterans of the Iraq war. Isn't it crazy that we have 22-year olds with purple hearts and veteran status?

Anyway, we taped it because the last guy in the film, John Jones, was a good friend of my John's in high school. Lots have happened since then, and they don't keep in contact like they used to. John Jones was on there after losing both his legs after an explosion in Iraq. We watched because of him....I cried because of all of them.

I mean, I cried and cried from the very beginning. I guess because Iraq doesn't feel like a real place to me, or seem like a real place. And even on the news they report on "3 fallen soldiers" or "a bomb in Iraq killed 5 troops today". And it's so....common. But when you're faced with real stories, real pictures, when you put a face to's so real. It's not common at all. The people fighting over there, half of them are younger than my little sister.

It's a powerful show...I'd recommend watching it with a tissue and some time to pray afterwards.

I cooked this week. That's a big deal--John does all the cooking. But I cooked. And not Hamburger Helper, either. I made these roasted garlic rosemary potatoes. There was even some EVOO mixed in. I've always wanted to cook with EVOO like Rachael Ray. I may not cook, but I watch a lot of cooking shows.

Anyway, they were really good and even John ate them!

So proud of John, by the way, who lost FIVE pounds when he weighed in at WW this week! And that was after two birthday parties, cookie cake, Butterfinger cake, donuts....well, you saw the list last week. That is awesome.

I didn't go because I figured I would be weighed down by all the snot in my head. Good reason, I thought.

A final thought for this entry....BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!

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The Noodle said...

Hi I think we go to the same church. i was browsing the other Edmond, Ok Blogs and recognised you and your husband. Intresting blog.