Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have a confession to make. I don't regularly check expiration dates on foods other than milk and beef. Why is this coming to light now?

Well, I'm at home disgustingly sick today. As my fever comes down, my stomach growls. So I wanted something pretty easy to make and I found frozen waffles. Normally the waffles would have been sitting there for MONTHS, but I just bought them the other day so that wasn't the problem. However, they tasted funny....and I realized the syrup wasn't quite right. Kind of thick and not the right consistency. Almost too sweet. Turns out there is an expiration date right on the top of the bottle, plain as day: 110805.

That's November 8th, 2005.

I can try to blame it on the feverish, head-cold fog I was in. But the truth is the bottle has been in our pantry with expiration date unnoticed for me to grab and eat at any time. What else is super-embarrassing? I'm thinking this bottle MAY have made two moves with us. That's twice I packed the bottle in a box, and unpacked it in a new pantry without noticing the date.'s a wonder I'm still alive. Guess John and I should eat at home more, so we can notice these things!

And, no, I did not finish the waffles after that. Instead, I'll coat my sore throat with the pint of Ben and Jerry's John bought me last night!


not so zen momma said...

I'm sorry you're sick! I had the same experience with salad dressing. I think I found some that dated back to 03. Not kidding!

Seems that ranch is the only regularly eaten dressing in our house.

Elizabeth said...

Well, I wish I could relate. But, you both know what kind of "danger zone" freak I am.

Nathan's philosophy:If it doesn't smell, it's okay.
Mine: If you have to smell it, you just exposed it to your nose vapor and NOW it must go in the trash.

evawebdiva said...

My dad, who's in his mid-70s, found a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese way back in his cupboard. He tells me weeks later that he cooked the pasta and noticed some kind of little bugs floating on the top of the water. That's how old it was. Oh, but it gets even better, he scooped the bugs off the top of the water and then ate the pasta! Ewwwww.....