Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Name that Tater Tot Casserole!

I thought about letting it go. I shared my disdain with a few close friends and family. I even tried to let my friend Emily handle most of the public displays of annoyance. But I cannot let it go.

The Duggar's have 17 children, by choice. I am all about freedom of choice and lots of love to go around. More power to them. However...I don't know why I'm supposed to care. Why should I care? They CHOSE to have 17 children, so their grocery bills and laundry loads and vehicle purchases should not come as a surprise. Why is it so fascinating they spend $2,000 on groceries? There are 19 people in ONE house! It's like a giant Thanksgiving every day, of course it's going to be expensive!

And you know what the great thing about Thanksgiving is? It only comes once a year so it's special and exciting and there is lots of gluttony involved. If you had Thanksgiving every day, wouldn't it get old and boring? Wouldn't it lose some of the luster that makes it so special?

There is nothing wrong with handmade clothes, homeschooling, and family violin concerts. Millions upon millions do those things every day. We don't focus on the family with only two children that homeschool, do we?

I could let it go, I really could. But when Mama Duggar is in the hospital hours after giving birth to #17 and she says "we can't wait to have more" that is just too much. Your baby is HOURS old....enjoy her for a moment! Be thankful at that moment for her, stop planning on her replacement. Argh, it makes me so annoyed. Which, I KNOW, is going against everything I'm saying. I shouldn't care, yet I know their story blahblahblah. I shouldn't care about Paris Hilton (and I don't) but sometimes you can't help but knowing exactly what she ate for breakfast in prison when it's broadcast on the front of USA Today.

What has sent me over the edge? Perhaps it's the fact that the reputable, respected Discovery Health website now has an online game called "Name that Duggar". Match the Duggar picture with the right J-name and you win (get this) a Tater Tot Casserole! Get it wrong, and you lose a casserole.

I have never hated Tater Tots more in my life.

I don't hate the Duggar's. I just hate that everyone is out there celebrating their lifestyle like it's some sort of great accomplishment. Let's have a show and a game and a People magazine article and an obsession with the family down the street where both parents work and 2 kids go to public schools and dinner might consist of Sonic tater tots on the way to karate. Let's celebrate families, no matter how big or small, who are making it work. Just because the Duggar's have a compound on their hands doesn't make them any better or more successful at parenting than any one of my good friends out there.

Sigh....just annoyed.


Emily said...

Amen sister, AMEN!

Angela said...

Here's another resounding "Amen!"

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear that opinion - I totally agree. They are an assembly line - not a family. I can't wait till the children start to rebel!!

Rain said...

you stated your opinion so much more gently than I stated mine . . . which is probably why you don't have all of the "hate" comments like I did . . .

but amen from this corner anyway!