Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dreams and Fried Chicken

A quick post before our office heads out for Eischen's!! I'm so pumped. Fried chicken and okra....can't beat it. We're celebrating 3 birthdays (not including mine, which is next week) so we're having an office fun day. I opted to follow-up next week with cake. Or cookie. Or both, I'm not picky.

I had the most horrible dream last night, and I woke up in a cold sweat. I don't remember everything about the dream, but I remember I was in the scene of a horror movie...in a submarine. For some reason I was touring a submarine (which I would NEVER do, ever in real life) with a couple of the restaurant owners I work with. Then while we were inside this old, leaky submarine this killer/monster figure jumped in, closed it up and made it sink to the bottom of the sea. And it kept creaking and dripping water and I could just tell it was going to flood and I was going to drown, not to mention all the claustrophobia issues that were making my skin crawl.

Nothing happened, but I still woke up breathing hard, in a cold sweat, and panicking like crazy. Maybe I've been watching too much "Lost", I don't know. Crazy....my heart races just thinking about the dream!

Speaking of dreams, check out this story about a guy who dreamed a phone number, text messaged it, and then ended up falling in love and marrying the girl!

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