Saturday, April 21, 2007

Birthday Money Paying Off

Yesterday was like an early Christmas for me. When I got home from work, I rifled through the mail, as I usually do. What a great day—the mailman must love me. Not only did my first official issue of “People” magazine arrive, but the Crate and Barel catalog was there, too!!!!

Then, John and I went to Lowe’s to look for grills and we found a really nice one that my birthday gift cards will cover quite nicely.

Then, we took a trip to Target. I’ve been on the lookout for picture frames for a while. Not just any picture frames—shadowbox frames to hold magazines. You see, I’ve been saving all the Sports Illustrated magazines with Oklahoma on the cover since our dance back into glory in 2000. 7 years I’ve toted those things around, looking for the perfect (affordable) frames to display those happy, happy times in my life. Dorm to apartment to house to house to house—Quentin Griffin, Tommie Harris, Josh Heupel and crew have survived the move and remained in perfect condition.

Target loved me this weekend, too. Because I found the absolute perfect frames, with crimson matting included. And the best part—they were on clearance! We also finally got a frame for the aerial view poster of Owen Field. Our office is looking better and better. John did a great job of putting them on the wall. Enjoy the photos.

After trips to THREE Targets to get all the frames I needed, we headed over to Brooke and Derek’s. And I got to hold baby Van most of the evening. Like I said—it was an early Christmas for me yesterday!

Also, thanks to my dad for his trip to IKEA in Minnesota—we now have dining room curtains. All we need now is a table to sit at…


Cary said...

You still have the sombrero... mine disappeared somewhere. I've cried real tears over that.

Jessica said...

It was only the GREATEST gift in the student section ever! That thing will hang in my OU memorabilia hall of fame for a long time...sorry about your loss! ;)

Susan said...

I was really REALLY hoping that those curtains were from Target. Because they're so pretty.


(House is looking great!)