Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stark Raving Mad

Wow. I am fired up.

I will admit....I get angry. I get pouty. I get whiny. Just like everyone else.

But only on special occasions does my blood literally begin to boil. My face is Cardinal red, I'm sweating bullets, my mind and speech are racing a thousand miles a minute. People in my office can hardly understand my rant because I am so fired up.

Not even John can get me this angry. No....this reaction is reserved for very special people. Media sales reps, to be exact.

I am FIRED UP. You DO NOT come in and threaten me and try to ooze sweetness while you do it. You DO NOT call me with FOUR managers in the room and let your boss do your dirty work. And you DO NOT try and describe to me the hours and energy YOU put into MY program. Preaching to the choir, people. It's my blood, sweat and tears you're trying to compare to.


Ok...a little better now.

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