Friday, March 02, 2007


So, John and I are going snowmobiling in Colorado. Found a cheaper place. Robin will be joining us, too...should be quite an experience!

Anybody not skiing during spring break that might have some skit pants or boots I could borrow to stay warm? I'll take good care of them, I promise. Leave me a comment or e-mail me if you wouldn't mind!

It's been a weird week...on Wednesday I finally broke down and had some steroid injections in my knees. My joints have been more out of whack than normal lately, and these shots were directly into the joints and are supposed to relieve pain and stiffness for up to three months. I have to tell you....I feel worse than I did before. Apparently, removing pain from those joints have magnified pain in several others. I'm giving it through the weekend before I call back and say "help me!". In the meantime, forgive any snappy attitudes I might have. I'm tired and irritable and in pain!

I was late to bookclub last night. I felt so terrible. I could have sworn it was at 7:00, and I even remember thinking "7:00 is kind of late...they should have done it at 6:30". Sure enough, it was at 6:00. I was half an hour late, and I hope I didn't let Courtney down! But, I hadn't even read the book which is totally against my book club philosophy. But, the group convinced me it's a book I should read. And I HAVE to read the next one, since I'm picking it!

Red Robin tonight...yeah!!!

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