Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hate/Love Relationship

Things I hate:
1) The girl on the Quiznos commercial who says "and that's what real women need" and then gives that horrible screeching laugh
2) The sounds of people drinking. It's that gulp sound that send shivers down my spine
3) Wasted time on conference calls

Things I love:
1) Driving to Walgreens with "Oops...I did it Again" on the radio (ok, my CD) to pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry's
2) Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream (thanks, Honey, for discovering that for me!)
3) Eating half the Ben and Jerry's pint in one sitting while watching the series finale of "Sex and the City"....the one where Carrie gets Big

Hey--I deserve a little ice cream and a guilty-pleasure TV shows after ALL THE PACKING.

Also, Happy 21st Birthday to my little sister, Julia. It was yesterday. Man, I got her a GREAT present. A present that benefits more than just her. I'll tell you all about it after I give it to her tonight!

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Julia said...

Ooo! I'm excited!!