Friday, March 09, 2007

Sorry--we've been busy saving money

Ah...your daily cell phone camera image to enjoy. Come's been a long time since we've posted a picture of our baby!

Well, we got an awesome phone call yesterday from our insurance agent. I guess I should back up....Monday night's Financial Peace University class was about understanding insurance, and making sure you're getting the most out of your policies, saving money, etc. Not the most exciting topic....but lots of good information.

Well, John, being the insurance guy he is gave our insurance company a call the next day to go over everything and see if there were any discounts to be found or changes we could make to save a few extra bucks. I think after going over everything he found about $15 a month we could save. Hey--it's savings.

Well, then they called him back yesterday. Apparently, they reran some numbers, put in a few different scenarios, looked at our driving records, considered our long-standing patronage etc. And we now have a BETTER insurance policy with our same low deductibles, and they are saving us a CRAZY amount of money a month. Yes, insuring two new cars and with John's beautiful record from his early driving years we were spending a lot of money on insurance. But we are now going to be practically a car payment richer each month. Ok, more than half a car payment richer. It's that much we're saving

A lot contributed to it. Mostly I'd turned 25, neither of us have current tickets on our record, we are accident-free (knock on wood), we're long-standing customers. But we'd never questioned our payments before and never examined everything. We are now paying about 1/3 what we'd been paying all because of a phone call!

So, call your insurance agent and see what you can do. It's worth it, I promise!

In other news we are cooking a lot at home. It's been so nice to not eat out. And since we were spending the evening at home last night cooking, I decided to clean out our closet. WOW....doesn't seem like I got rid of that much stuff, but the closet looks great, we have tons of new hangers, it's organized, all my shoes fit on the shoe shelf, and I got rid of a lot of purses. And since I was going to be giving those away, I went through and cleaned them out (removed trash and mints and chapstick, etc.). I ended up finding a $5 Wal-Mart card, a $20 Kohl's card, about $120 in spa gift certificates, and a $1 bill. Not to mention the new found organization my mind has gained. It was a productive evening.

We're spending the weekend resting up. I have to work A LOT next week in the evenings, and then Friday we're off to Colorado on our snowmobiling adventure!

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Shannon said...

Hey, I'm having a garage sale next weekend if you want to throw some of your old stuff in. Who knows maybe you could make some extra mad money!