Friday, March 16, 2007

Playing Dress Up

I have really good news, everyone.

I am skinnier now than I was in high school.

It's true. Guess how I know? I still have my PROM dresses! I know, it's pathetic. But I still have them and tonight when I was packing (yes! packing! two rooms--DONE!) I came across them and I tried all three of them on. They were all very loose...which means I've actually lost weight since high school. How is that even possible?

Oh, wait, I know...I shifted the weight from my abdomen area to my BUTT and thighs. Ha!

Guess what else? I took my wedding dress out of the bag and tried it on, too. My best friend was over, and she missed my wedding so I felt like I needed to show her how beautiful it was. And, oh, it was beautiful. I asked, but John told me I couldn't sleep in it. I think I completely embarrassed him, but what's new? Too bad I had to put it up. It was loudly whispering "wear me, wear me, don't put me back in the bag".

Have you ever seen that episode of "Friends" where the girls wear wedding dresses around the house? They do the dishes, eat snacks, and visit with each other--all in white. Every once in a while, I think girls need to do that. Our friend Eric asked me how old I was, because he didn't think 25-year-olds played dress up. But...we do. Ok, I do. Stop laughing at me, you know you ALL wish you could wear your wedding dress again. I won't be 26 for another month and I haven't signed my giant mortgage yet so I feel that warrants a little juvenile behavior.

Anyway, I did pack up the office and the guest room. Yes, I'm packing all the easy rooms first. Because I don't even want to think about the kitchen. We officially have 13 days until moving day. And 12 days until closing.

I'm not stressing out, I'm not stressing out, I'm not stressing out.

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Shannon said...

We should totally have an all girls party where everyone wears their wedding dress (or a wedding dress if there's doesn't fit...stupid babies messing up my cute body!). It would be so fun to see everyone's dress and have a reason to pull it out of the closet again. I might just put the hanger over my head and walk around since it doesn't really fit anymore....I hear it whispering to me "wear me, wear me!"