Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are you supposed to stop, drop, and roll for an engine fire?

We got the best news last night in the mail. Turns out the love of my transportation life, my 2006 Nissan Altima has been recalled. Apparently is has a tendency to drain oil too fast and start engine fires. I can't tell you what a blessing this news was.

Huh? What? Why is that a blessing? Because to compensate for the danger I've been in for the last year, they are offering all sorts of perks! First, we take it in to be inspected on Monday. They will replace the part, and if the engine is damaged in a certain category, we get a brand new engine! And then, they will do an oil and fluid change for free.

And the best part: whether we keep this engine or get a new one--they have extended our warranty! We currently were on the standard 36 month, 30,000 mile warranty. But now we automatically have an 84 month, 100,000 mile warranty!!!

So, as you can see, I like to look at things from the bright side. And I'm not worried about the fires at this point. We're already scheduled to go in on Monday, and if it catches on fire this weekend we'll not only get a free new car but we could have a nice lawsuit on our hands. Just kidding....and, boy, are we glad we didn't purchase that extended warranty. Sometimes being frugal can pay off, who knew?

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Shannon said...

Way to look for the silver lining! haha.