Saturday, February 10, 2007


My dad turned 50 on Thursday of this week. I meant to send a card, but I didn't. I did call him, and he said everything was pretty low key. He kept saying that's what's great about being 50--you can be low key and relaxed instead of making a big deal out of everything.

Little did he know we'd been working a surprise for him. My sister and I, along with a friend of his from Oklahoma, flew up to Minnesota on Friday evening. Dad's wife, DeAnna, had told him that her mom was coming in town and they needed to pick her up from the airport. It wasn't until we were about 10 feet away from him in baggage claim that he knew we were there. From the look on his face, he was totally shocked...speechless...and that doesn't happen very often with my dad! :)

DeAnna had also planned a surprise party with many of his friends for Saturday night. Once again, he had no idea. So it has been a weekend of surprises for Dad...I think he's overwhelmed!

It's hard to see anything here, due to the fact that my eyes are frozen over. This morning when we got up it was -10 degrees outside. That is unacceptable. Ridiculous. MOVE AWAY PEOPLE!

But we braved the cold for two very important reasons: IKEA and the Mall of America. My next job will be at IKEA.

More to come tomorrow! It's been so fun seeing Dad and spending time with him....sometimes life's little surprises are unexpected. Sometimes they are very well planned!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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