Tuesday, February 13, 2007

100 Things About Me!

Just when you thought I was out of things to say...I had noticed that on several blogs I read that people are listing 100 things that say something about them. Do you know how hard it is to think of 100 random things about yourself? I worked all weekend on this...it's random, but enjoy.

And, by the way, because this was such hard work I think I might take a few days off from blogging.

1. I am a self-diagnosed chocolate addict.
2. I go to bed at 10:00 every single night
3. Because The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert are on
4. And because I’m generally a very tired person
5. I am extremely annoyed by people who say things like “once you have kids you won’t be able to do that anymore.”
6. I love my job….i’m lovin’ it…I love my job
7. All my husband has to do to end a heated discussion between us is to flare his nostrils
8. I sweat the most when I am freezing
9. I fall asleep to the TV in our bedroom
10. I am ok with that fact
11. I am extremely annoyed by people who say things like “TV in the bedroom is bad for marriage”
12. We wouldn’t be happily married if we didn’t have 2 TV’s
13. John and I agree on 4 shows to watch together: House, The Office, Scrubs, and Reno 911.
14. I live much of my life based on morals I learned from “that one episode of Friends…”
15. Ok….a few morals from the Bible, too. :)
16. Guilty pleasure: Girl Scout Cookies
17. I ate 5 GSC this weekend
18. I prefer my house to be at 72-degrees
19. My husband prefers it to be around 62-degrees
20. So we compromise on a bone-chilling 68-degrees
21. Which brings me to the first hate on my list: I hate getting out of bed and out of the hot shower on a really cold day
22. I could eat kiwi all day long
23. It takes less than 10 seconds (John has timed it) for me to change out of work clothes into pajamas.
24. I wear my pajamas every second I can
25. I do not wear jeans, work shirts, or shoes when I am at home—I only wear pajamas
26. My sister surprises me with her natural ability to lead and manage
27. I feel naked without a cell phone
28. I feel close to naked without an iPod packed in my purse and ready to travel
29. I am in two book clubs
30. That’s a little stressful because I can’t start reading EITHER of the books until I finally finish my “fun” book I’ve been working on for 5 weeks.
31. I love living in Oklahoma because it’s affordable
32. I believe the University of Oklahoma Sooner football team will win the national championship…every year. I truly believe that, deep down in my heart.
33. My best friend is the complete opposite of me, and I love her for that
34. I can tell her anything….anything. Even when it’s something she doesn’t want to hear
35. I am blessed, truly blessed, to have a friend like that
36. I couldn’t choose who would be my sister….but I did choose to make her my friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her
37. I have two very supportive parents
38. My mom is the most amazing person I know
39. My husband does not know how to put laundry in the hamper
40. But he always takes the trash out
41. I laugh WITH (not at) my husband almost every hour of the day
42. I visited my dad at his house in Minnesota over the weekend and it was -10 degrees outside…I don’t know how these people live there
43. My favorite color is red
44. It is a theme in every room of my house
45. I love Christmas….but it is also the most stressful experience of my year
46. All I wanted to do in high school was be on stage singing and dancing
47. Now that is my worst nightmare
48. I believe in God
49. It is a blessing to believe in God
50. I hate fast food Mexican restaurants
51. I ate fried okra for the first time last spring, and now I get it every opportunity I can
52. It has been 44 days since I ate a potato
53. My favorite TV show changes weekly between Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and House
54. My favorite song of all time is “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” by REO Speedwagon
55. They are, quite possibly, the best band of the 80s
56. I am a cat person
57. I am not a dog person
58. Nice to look at, happy to support those who have them….but I don’t want a dog
59. But I do adore my mom’s dog
60. I do not like to cook
61. Because I’m not any good at it
62. And because it takes much more time than I really want to spend
63. I take a lot of vitamins
64. I’m hoping this makes me healthier and happier in the future
65. One of my top 3 embarrassing moments involves cheerleading tryouts freshman year of high school
66. It’s pretty embarrassing to even admit that
67. I am non-confrontational
68. I have a hard time letting go when I mess up…I tend to punish myself for a long time
69. I love spending time with my in-laws
70. I have two awesome nephews
71. My nephew Easton is the smartest kid I know
72. My nephew Mason is a master basketball player
73. I am interested in politics
74. I question my political affiliation….but not enough to change it
75. My favorite place in the whole world is Las Vegas, New Mexico
76. I thought it was New York City, but then I remembered Camp Blue Haven in Las Vegas, New Mexico
77. It is the most beautiful place in the world, also the place I was baptized
78. I have always been thin, but weight has always been a mindgame for me
79. I used to be a Girl Scout and camp all the time
80. I don’t camp anymore
81. My husband and I did NOT like each other on our first date
82. Neither one of us can explain why we accepted a second date…but we both agree pity had a lot to do with it!
83. I am sad that Anna Nicole Smith died because her show on E! used to be my guilty pleasure
84. I am in a constant search for the perfect jeans
85. I’ve come close, but I’ve yet to find them
86. I do not agree with leggings under mini skirts
87. Really, I don’t believe in leggings at all
88. Or mini skirts
89. My next career will be working at IKEA
90. Kissing and sex scenes in movies make me VERY uncomfortable
91. I may not understand Brad Pitt, but I really enjoy looking at him
92. I am currently enrolled in a program called Financial Peace University and it’s frustrating because we’d been practicing it for 2 weeks and then I went to the Mall of America and IKEA…..and I had no money to blow. This budget thing sucks.
93. I’m an unpacker…if I stay in a hotel for even one night I unpack everything. I actually use the dresser drawers
94. I can’t stand water on my face
95. I have tried the scrapbooking thing, and I made an awesome scrapbook. But it is an expensive habit, and a lot of work. So now I just put photos in albums
96. I am altogether a very lazy person
97. Soap scum is my enemy
98. I hated my red hair until I was in college, but now I like it. Well, I’m not happy with the length, but I like the color
99. I hate Reality TV (yes, even American Idol)
100. I am blessed beyond imagination


Nina said...

And your in-laws enjoying spending time with you, too! :)

Cary said...


51: I find this very hard to believe.

65: I would like to know the other two. Or do I already know either of them?

moxyblue said...

I can help you with #84....there is a totally great site which helps you pick just the right jeans. www.zafu.com. The only thing you have to do is enter some information about yourself and voila! Dozens of jeans recommended just to fit you appear. You can then choose the types of styles, price points, brands etc. you like by using their filter.