Friday, February 09, 2007

Giving it all up??

Ok, so I was just kidding about snowmobiling. Apparently, it would cost the two of us $360 for 3 hours. Is it just me, or is that a lot of money? Am I crazy? I think I would prefer to visit the shops, drink hot coffee, and grub at some of the tasty restaurants I'm sure are in town. Sigh...we'll see. We still have a few weeks to determine what we're going to be doing.

My last post was so funny, because Cary and Brooke both commented....they know what I went through. They were on that trip with me and Brooke even gave up the rest of her ski time on the trip to hang out with me! Although, I'm thinking she was a little tired of skiing anyway....but I can't be sure. Cary also gave up a lot of ski time to spend time with ended up being a great trip. You know, aside from that whole falling down the mountain screaming and a broken knee thing...

I bought a book this weekend called "The Writer's Pocket Muse". It's a book full of ideas for what to write about when trying to tell your life's story. There were some interesting topics and I think I might start using them for the blog.

I have carefully considered giving up the whole blogging thing, mostly because I feel like I am really boring and I have nothing to say. Or....I have a LOT to say, but not sure if this public internet thing is really the appropriate place to share! Many people think blogging is like a live journal. And it definitely a way. I admire those who share every thought and feeling on their blogs...I just like to write fun stuff and the occasional prayer request.

Anyway, back to giving it all up. I thought about it. Nothing too exciting is going on. So, I may take more trips down memory lane like I did the with ski post. Which really is more about why I hate skiing than memory lane. You get the picture.

If it goes well, I will continue blogging. If not and you hate some of the next few posts, just remember: at least I'm not reporting on what I ate for lunch.

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Shannon said...

Don't stop! i love reading your blog!