Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Free Lunch

Yesterday John and I met for lunch at our favorite little spot, Hideaway Pizza, near my office. We go there quite often....it's the best pizza around.

Anyway, they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary. During that celebration they are letting their customers spin the Pizza Wheel. Basically, you order your food like normal, and your waiter will then hand you a certificate for one spin on the wheel. So, if you spin and get 25% off, it's good toward the food you've already ordered.

Well, after ordering drinks, an appetizer, and a pizza I headed up to spin the wheel. And, guess what? I landed on 100% off! So, we got our meal for free!!!

Head over to Hideaway Pizza and see what you can get for free! I'm not sure if they're doing it at all locations but definitely the one on Western. I love free food...

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