Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hitting the Slopes

Well, we are back on for our Spring Break trip to Colorado. Which is good, because I wasn't sure where to go and really didn't have enough time/money to plan something big on such short notice. We're going to South Fork, Colorado. Some of you may know this area, as it was featured in the classic movie "National Lampoon's Vacation". You know, where they stay in a tent, then Clark ties Aunt Edna's dog to the bumper and forgets about him....that's the town we'll be in!

Of course, we'll have much nicer accommodations. We'll be staying at a friend of the family's vacation house. It will be a tight squeeze (4 kids and 6 adults!) but it will be fun. Then, John and I will go snowmobiling! Because if you think I'm ever going to ski again, you're crazy.

The first and only time I went skiing was my sophomore year in college. I went with church group from Norman and we went to Breckenridge/Keystone/Vail. Since it was my first time, I decided to enroll in ski school for some helpful tips. But I figured it couldn't be too hard since 3-year-olds ski.

My roommate, Laura, and I both took ski school and we were the oldest students in the class by about 10 years. Which made the whole experience that much more humiliating, considering the kids picked it up right away and I could NOT figure out the snow plow thing...

Finally after a few hours we decided to try a slope with the rest of our gang. Up we went on the ski lift, I was so excited. We got to the top, everyone just took off. I was a little nervous, so I decided to take it slow. But there was no taking it slow. I got started, and lost control of my body. I started flying, literally flying down the mountain and speeds I can only imagine registered 80 mph. Flying....couldn't turn, couldn't stop, just flew like I was on a ski jump. And I screamed. The whole way down, screamed bloody murder. When I finally got to the bottom of the mountain (keep in mind I was skiing a green) I made myself fall so I could stop.

Then I promptly headed back over to the ski lift because I was convinced I could do it better. Somehow, my friends got me to go even higher, to a blue course. We got off the lift and off they went. Not me....I started inching along trying to keep from flying without control as I had before. Then, all of a sudden, as I was getting the hang of it my skis locked together, twisted my leg around and sent me into a pile of skis, snow, and mind-numbing pain. gets better. I couldn't move my knee, it hurt so bad. I couldn't move it to get down the mountain. So they called Ski Patrol/Emergency services to come get me. Then they strapped me onto a toboggan, covered me with a bright orange tarp, and skied me down the mountain. Past my friends and past the 12-year-olds I'd taken ski school with.

I was in a knee brace for several months after that, and spent the rest of my time in Colorado limping around the shops. Thankfully I had really great friends that took their time off skiing to hang with me....

So, I will not be skiing again. was the most terrifying experience I've ever had. It was awful and it hurt. So...we'll try to keep from killing ourselves on a snowmobile instead!

The End.


Cary said...

Was that the year Laura went flying into the grove of trees, barely missing every one?

I think you should give it a chance again.

Joe said...

The brave continue trying until they get it right. The wisened learn from their mistakes. You seem to be the latter...

Just remember, you can slip and fall on the floor around the hot tub just as easily as a blue slope wipe out!

Brooke said...

When I first saw the word ski, I was shocked! Jessica, I was there to help nurse you back to health after the traumatic incident. Our friendship has roots, man!