Thursday, February 01, 2007

Staring blankly at the screen, my mind is filled with thoughts of...well, nothing actually!

I have started this blog entry several times over the last few days, but keep failing to get through it. I feel incredibly uninspired to write, and I can't think of anything interesting, witty, funny, angry, annoying, or insightful to say! There is nothing on TV this week, work has kept me swamped, and we've spent most of our time at home in the evenings. So forgive me for struggling a little on the writing there anything I should be writing about?

What has been going on in our life this week? What few random thoughts are spinning through my head? goes!

John started his new job today! With a commute to get used to and an earlier wake up time, he thought he'd get a new bedtime. He thought he'd go to bed at the same time as I do. After keeping me up for a while, throwing off the schedule, and realizing he doesn't go to bed at the same time as 10-year-olds I think he's back to his normal midnight lights out.

I chopped my hair today. Well, Sally chopped my hair. I think it's cute so far, but I have yet to style it on my own. We'll know more tomorrow....if I'm wearing a hat next time you see me, then it isn't working out.

I finally watched the movie "Rent" this weekend. I'd seen it on stage, and have loved the music for a long time. But I hadn't seen the movie. It wasn't's much better on stage, but you can't beat the soundtrack. While it features a totally different lifestyle than I've ever experienced, the whole thing is really about love, support, and friends. It's pretty inspiring, and I've been thinking about it all week. I might write more about it later, we'll see.

Anyone still have Christmas candy leftover? Luckily, I'm not much of a snacker so I can make my candy last for a long time. I'm still munching on Reese's Trees, which taste much better in February. Hopefully the chocolate Santas will be gone before it's time to start eating the ears off chocolate bunnies.

I've been carefully shopping for a great new outfit over the past few weeks. After months of looking for the perfect pair of cream-colored pants (because cream-colored pants is not something you can enter into lightly), I found them. I bought this beautiful pair at Ann Taylor, and I finally got them back from the tailor today. If I could shower in those pants, I would. I might wear them every day, who knows. You can't put a price on a great pair of pants!

Seems there was something good coming out of my weekend stomach flu--I lost 1.8 pounds at Weight Watchers! I'll pay for it next week, I'm sure, but it was fun to see the number on the scale.

We were planning on going to Colorado for spring break vacation, but it looks like that is going to fall through. Any suggestions on where we should go? We want to get away to someplace that's not in Texas or Missouri. We already have the week off work, so why waste it?

Ok, that's it. I need suggestions on 1) what to write about and 2) where to go on vacation. I'll try to become more interesting tomorrow.

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Robin said...

Wait... wait... wait... we're officially on for snowmobiling!!